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How are things in your little world, I hope they're going well and you are too.
Do you still see the same old crowd, the ones who used to meet every Friday.
I'm really sorry that I can't be there but work comes first, I'm sure you'll understand.
Things are really taking off for me business is thriving and I'm showing a profit and.

And in any case it wouldn't be the same, cause we've all grown up and we've got our lives
And the values that we had once upon a time, seem stupid now cause the rent must be paid
And some bonds severed and others made.

Now I don't want you to get me wrong, ideals are fine when you are young and I must admit
We had a laugh, but that's all it was and ever will be, cause the burning sky keeps
Burning bright. and as long as it does (and it always will), there's no time for dreams
When commerce calls. and the taxmans shouting cause he wants his dough and the wheels of
Finance won't begin to slow.

And its only us realists who are gonna come through cause there's only one power higher
Than that of truth and that's the burning sky.

Oh and by the way I must tell you, before I sign off, that I've got a meeting next week,
With the head of a big corporate I can't disclose who but I'm sure you'll know it and.

And the burning sky, keeps burning bright. and it won't turn off til its had enough,
Its the greedy bastard who won't give up, and you're just a dreamer if you don't realize,
And the sooner you do will be the better for you, then well all be happy and well all be
Wise and all bow down to the burning sky.

Then well all be happy and well all be wise and together we will live beneath the
Burning sky.

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