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The 1979 album is remastered from the original analogue tapes and the first disc adds single edits and B-sides.

Amongst the 22-tracks on the second audio disc are 14 previously unreleased demos and alternates, along with 4 tracks from the 1979 John Peel session.CD 3 brings Live in Brighton 1979, a live performance that has never been previously issued. The 20-song set features Setting Sons in almost its entirety.The fourth and final disc in this Setting Sons box is a DVD that provides all the promo videos along with TV appearances including six Top Of The Pops performances.The discs come in a 72-page hardcover book with the usual selection of photos and images of period memorabilia. New interviews and essays also features. Prints and replica tour brochure and fan club magazine are also included and the book and contents reside in a outer slipcase.This Setting Sons box will was released on 17 November 2014.

Disc 1

01 Girl On The Phone 
02 Thick As Thieves 
03 Private Hell 
04 Little Boy Soldiers
05 Wasteland 
06 Burning Sky
07 Smithers-Jones 
08 Saturday’s Kids 
09 The Eton Rifles 
10 Heatwave 
11 Strange Town 
12 The Butterfly Collector 
13 When You’re Young
14 Smithers-Jones 
15 The Eton Rifles 
16 See-Saw 
17 Going Underground 
18 The Dreams Of Children 

Disc 2

01 Strange Town (Alternative Take) 
02 When You’re Young (Alternative Take) 
play 03 The Eton Rifles (Demo Version) 
04 See-Saw (Demo Version) 
05 Girl On The Phone (Demo Version) 
play 06 Thick As Thieves (Demo Version) 
07 Private Hell (Demo Version)
08 Little Boy Soldiers (Demo Version)
09 Wasteland (Demo Version) 
10 Burning Sky (Band Demo Version) 
11 Simon (Demo Version) 
12 Strange Town (Demo Version)
13 The Butterfly Collector (Demo Version) 
14 Burning Sky (Demo Version) 
15 When You’re Young (Demo Version)
16 Best Of Both Worlds (Remixed Version) 
17 Along The Grove (Demo Version)
18 The Eton Rifles (Band Demo Version) 
19 Thick As Thieves (Peel Session,1979) 
20 Eton Rifles (Peel Session, London / 1979)
21 Saturday’s Kids (Peel Session,1979) 
22 When You’re Young (Peel Session, 1979)

Disc 3  Live 15/12/79 Brighton
01 Girl On The Phone 
02 To Be Someone 
03 It’s Too Bad
04 Burning Sky 
05 Away From The Numbers
06 Smithers-Jones
07 Little Boy Soldiers 
08 Strange Town
09 Mr. Clean 
10 The Butterfly Collector
11 Thick As Thieves 
12 When You’re Young 
13 Eton Rifles 
14 Tube Station 
15 Saturday’s Kids 
16 All Mod Cons 
17 David Watts 
18 The Modern World 
19 Heat Wave 
20 ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street 

Disc 4 (DVD)
01 Strange Town 
02 Butterfly Collector 
03 When You’re Young 
04 Going Underground 
05 The Dreams Of Children 

06 Strange Town (TOTP)
07 Strange Town (TOTP)
08 When You’re Young (TOTP)
09 The Eton Rifles (TOTP)
10 The Eton Rifles (TOTP)
11 Going Underground (TOTP)

12 The Eton Rifles (TOTP)
13 When You’re Young

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