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22nd January 1977

The Jam supported  Bearded Lady at The Marquee in London. 50% covers and 50% original, Art School, Bricks n Mortar, Changed My Address, In The City, Takin My Love, Sounds From The Street, I Got By In Time and Non Stop Dancing were played. The gig was attended by Chris Parry  who asked the band to record some demos for  Polydor records. Paul Weller burned a copy of the fanzine Sniffing Glue at this gig, as he was annoyed at a comment in the fanzine .


29th January 1977

The Jam were supposed to record some demos for Polydor at The Anenome Studios in Oxford Street but this was postponed due to an IRA bomb.


9th February 1977

The rescheduled demo session for Polydor at Anenome Studios take place, with Vic Smith and Chris Parry. The following songs were recorded. In The City, Time For Truth, Sounds From The Street, I've Changed My Address.


15th February 1977

The Jam sign to Polydor Records for £6000.

25th February 1977

Polydor announce the signing of The Jam. A one off single & Album deal.


March 1977

The IN THE CITY LP sessions commence at Polydor studios London lasting 11 days.

2nd March 1977

The first of 5 consecutive Wednesday night gigs at The Red Cow Hammersmith.
Free entry and the crowd were treated to free badges that displayed The Jam at The Red Cow.

24th March 1977

The start of a five week residency at The Rochester Castle in Stoke Newington. Noted for the tiny stage that barley housed their equipment never mind the band.

28th March 1977

Palais De Glace Paris. The band perform at The Paris Punk Festival upstaging the other acts such as The Police, Generation X and The Electric Chairs. 

30th March 1977

The final night of  The Red Cow residency.  SWITCH - the queue right around the block.

5th April 1977

The start of yet another residency, Tuesday nights at The Nashville.

15th April 1977

Friday night at The Movies. The band play after the evening movie at The Embassy cinema in Brighton. £1.25 on the door.

17th April 1977

The Jam support The Stranglers at The Roundhouse. Last time the band were at this venue they were sent packing as they were doubled booked with Joe Strummers 101ers.

26th April 1977

The band were booked to play at Dingwells in Camden but cancelled it along with the previous night at The Marquee. This was so they could rehearse for the fourth coming tour and also record their first John Peel session at the BBC.  In The City, Art School, Changed My Address & The Modern World. The session is available on a 3cdbox set. The Jam At The BBC listen here.

29th April 1977

The release of The Jams 1st single  In The City / Taking My Love. It reached no_40 in the UK Charts. 


2nd May 1977                                                                      

The John Peel session is broadcast on BBC radio.

7th May 1977

The Jam join The White Riot tour with The Clash, The Buzzcocks and The Slits. They only play 3 dates and then pull out over a row with money and poor sound.  Edinburgh Playhouse, Manchester Electric Circus & London Rainbow.

The Rainbow show literately turned into a riot with the audience  ripping up seats and anything else that wasn't bolted down.

12th May 1977

The punk fanzine, Sniffing Glue publish an interview with the band, Paul Weller states he will be voting Conservative at the next election. Much to The Clash's amusement..

19th May 1977

The Jam appear on Top Of The Pops performing In The City watch here.

7th June 1977

Barbarellas - Biringham. The start of  the national tour taking in 36 dates

12th June 1977

Chelsea FC -Banned.

This was one of three Jubilee all day events but on this occasion The Jam were BANNED on the day from playing by the local council for fear of punk violence that might spoil the day for attending families. There was some public order when some fans who had traveled as far as Yorkshire demanded their money back. 

16th June 1977

Leeds Town Hall - Banned

18th June 1977

Double Header 

7.30pm Poplar Civic Hall was billed as the 2nd Jubilee show, advertised as a Hot & Sticky night with local bands. A short trip across London Town  to  the UCLU for a second show around 11pm.

19th June 1977

The Electric Circus - Manchester

The earliest known filmed footage of the band. Filmed by Granada TV  

27th June 1977

The final of the trio of Jubilee gigs at Battersea Town Hall, which almost didn't  happen due to over crowding in the hall. 

28th June 1977

The band were due to perform at The Drill Hall in Lincoln but the promoter pulled the gig due to violence at a Damned gig a few nights before.

Recording sessions at The Chappell Studios London with Vic Smith & Chris Parry. All Around The World and Carnaby Street. 

1st July 1977

The Mayfair  Newcastle.

Violence at punk gigs had been well documented in the press and on this night the local youths attended the gig with one thing on their mind. The Jam ducked  and weaved their way through the explosive set. Anything that wasn't bolted down was launched om to the stage. 

8th July 1977

The Release of The Jams 2nd Single, All Around The World / Carnaby Street. It reaches no_13 in the UK Chart.


19th July 1977

The Jam record their 2nd session for John Peel at the BBC. All Around The World, London Girl, bricks & Mortar & Carnaby Street. The session is available on a 3CD box set. The Jam At The BBC. 

Listen Here

21st July 1977

The Jam appear on Tops Of The Pops - All Around The World watch here.

6th August 1977

The band travel to Mont de Marson in France to play a summer festival with The Clash, The Damned and The Stranglers. The entire bill flew together and consumed large quantities of alcohol. After their soundcheck The Jam continue to drink and Paul & Bruce decided to take a dip in the fountain in the local square. Eventually the police arrived and carted the two offenders off pursued on foot by JohnWeller. After a warning the pair released and headed back to the venue to perform but upon arrival they found the promoter trying to change the running order which outraged Weller senior and he prevented the band from playing at all.  

18th August 1977

The Jam appear on Top Of The Pops performing All Around The World watch here

24th August 1977

The Jam appear on The Marc Bolan show performing All Around The World watch here


25th August 1977

THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD LP sessions commence at The Bassing studios . London Traffic & In the Street Today were recorded.


26th August 1977

THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD LP sessions continue. Standards, Don't Tell Them Your Sane & Here Comes The Weekend were recorded.


29th August 1977

THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD LP sessions continue. Life From A Window & Tonight At Noon were recorded.

2nd September 1977

THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD LP sessions continue. The Combine was recorded.

10th September 1977

The Nashville

After 6 weeks off from playing live due to recording the 2nd album The band play two London club dates. Both gigs are recorded with a possible release in the future.

11th September 1977

The 100 Club

Recorded by Polydor and finally released on double vinyl to celebrate its 40th birthday. Part of the gig had previously been released on the flip side of The Modern World single. Weller had mentioned there might be an EP release of gig which did surface but not as an official release by Polydor. The recording was broadcast on USA radio as promotion for their USA tour. A film crew was also in attendance but the full show has never seen the light of day but clips can be seen here

17th September 1977

The Roxy

The Jam did not play this gig. Despite the mass advertising  and the venue and promoter claiming they had  booked it with John Weller. There is a bootleg album called live at The Roxy which infact was a recording of the 100 club gig. This album sells in access of £300 on auction sites.

21st September 1977

THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD LP sessions continue. The Modern World, London Girl, I need You & Midnight Hour were recorded.

23rd September 1977

Malmo Sweden

The first of 4 dates billed  as a mini tour of Sweden & The Netherlands. The band found themselves targets of local hooligan gang  known as The Raggare.  They started several fights during the set and tried to smash the bands equipment.


24th September 1977

Ronneby Sweden

The fighting at the previous nights gig was intense here. They (The Raggare) pelted the band with eggs and invaded the stage a smashed the bands equipment. The Jam were forced to stop their set and clear the stage. Due to this they had to cancel the next night in Stockholm and had to reschedule the Amsterdam date from the 28th to the 30th Sept.

30th September 1977

Paradiso Amsterdam

Reviewed as One of the few punk bands that can actually play.


October 1977

The Jam head for the USA for their first American dates playing 2 gigs per day in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York & Boston although the San Francisco dates didn't go ahead neither did the planned European dates for the end of October. The rest of the dates are  7th & 8th at The Whisky A Go Go in LA, 13th-14th The Rats Keller Boston, 15th -16th CBGB's New York.

16th October 1977

Paul Weller appears on The Tomorrow Show with Tom Synder watch the interview here


21st October 1977

Release of The Jams 3rd Single This Is The Modern World. Reaching No_36 the B-Side has live takes of Sweet Soul Music, Back In My Arms Again & Bricks N Mortar


12th November 1977

The Jam appear on Top Of The Pops performing The Modern World watch here.


14th November 1977

The Jam rehears for The Modern World tour at The Manticore Cinema Fullham.
Interviews were also done for a school magazine & a Newsbeat Programme.


16th November 1977

The band travel to Leeds to record a TV session. They played The Modern World and stop over at The Merrion Hotel in Leeds.

17th November 1977

The Polytechnic Huddersfield 

Just 4 weeks after returning from the States the band set off on another UK tour taking in 25 dates.


18th November 1977

The Release of The Jams 2nd Album This Is The Modern World.  Reaching no_22 in the UK Charts.


19th November 1977

The band undertake 2 radio interviews before leaving Newcastle to go to Leeds to play a gig at The Leeds University.  After the gig the band retire to their hotel The Golden Lion. Paul Weller gets involved in a fight with a travelling Australian  rugby team... He is arrested and charged with breach of the peace and appeared at Leeds Magistrates the following morning, although the case was dismissed and no further action was taken.

20th November 1977

More radio interviews

26h November 1977

Friars Aylesbury

The fist of five appearances at Friars. On this date The Jam played two shows. A 3.30pm matinee show as well as the evening gig. During the following three years they returned to the venue to play unpublished gigs for bigger events.

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