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1972 AND so it begins

Paul Weller and school friend Steve Brookes start lunch time rehearsals in their classroom at Sheerwater Comprehensive school. They play their first gig (lunchtime) in The Albion pub next to Woking train station. Later in the year the line up has grown, Neil Harris on drums and Dave Waller on guitar with Steve Brooks and Paul Weller on Bass. The band are now named The Jam. There are many rumours as to how this became, one was that Paul's sister, Nicky Weller gave them the name as they were always "Jamming", another came from the term "Lunchtime Jam".


22nd April 1973

The Jam take part in a local talent contest at Sheerwater school.


12th May 1973

The Jam take part in and win a talent contest at The Old Woking community centre.
They perform Reelin & Rockin. Not long after Neil Harris leaves the band and is replace by Paul Richard Buckler.


August 73

The Jam record Blueberry Rock & Takin My Love From Me at The Eden Studio.


17th November 1973

The Jam record at the Fanfare Studios Swiss Cottage London. 

Some Kinda Loving & Makin My Way Back Home,
A 7" Acetate and MP3's exists of this.


22nd January 1974

The Jam audition & Pass for a residency at Michael's Club in Woking. To gain entry to the club customers had to wear a tie, which for a small fee could be bought from the doorman, Joe Awome who was later hired by The Jam in 1980 to provide security for the band and eventually became Bruce's right hand man.


26th January 1974

The Band's first real booking. Brooks, Buckler and Weller (on Bass) play at Michael's in Woking.

30th May 1974

Bruce Douglas Foxton joins the band. The rest of the year is spent playing working men's clubs in and around Woking. At some point in 1974 Paul Weller sent a demo tape to Decca Records. It was rejected..

2nd October 1974

While performing at The Gaiety Bar which was frequently used by squaddies  who were based at the near by barracks in Aldershot, these boys were not interested in long haired rock n rollers and paid no attention to the young boys on the stage and created their own entertainment by beating up a young transvestite. The Jam watched nervously and had to honour a 2nd set. They made no attempt to play there again. 

5th October 1974

The Jam were due to play at Bunters Club in Guildford but the gig was cancelled after the IRA bombed  The Horse & Groom pub in Guildford. The band had already set up in the afternoon and had gone home to return in the evening. They had to wait until the following day to collect their gear . 


27th October 1974

The boys are back in town - The Jam support Thin Lizzy at The Greyhound. A set list was published in Polo Hewitts's book, A Beat Concerto giving  an insight of the band at this time. Mainly covers. Walking The Dog, Hi Heeled Sneakers, Little Queenie, She Made ME Shimmy, Need A Shot Of Rythm & Blues, Twist & Shout, Save Your Loving ( A Jam original number) Shake, Do You Love Me, Roll Over Beethoven, Hitch Hike, Johnny B Good, Dimples, Like Lovers Do, Kansas City, Mickeys Monkey, Some Other Guy, Slow Down and Takin My Love.


10th November 1974

Rick purchases the Black Hayman kit which he plays late into 1977.

17th November 1974

The Band play a high profile gig at HM Coldingly Prison  just outside Woking. Also on the bill are a Country & Western act, A Fire Eater and a Drag Act.

16th December 1974

The Policeman's Ball -  The Jam provide entertainment at The Winning Post in Twickenham.


3rd January 1975

The Jams reputation begins to spread and band start being booked at bigger local venues, such as Fleet County Club.


4th January 1975

The Jam play the New Year Party at Leatherhead Football Club and a later set at The Royal Hotel.

8th February 1975

The band perform at a private party at The Queens Hotel.

28th February 1975

PW writes Non Stop Dancing after a Northern Soul all nighter at Woking's Bisley Pavilion.


1st March 1975

The Jam record the following at TW Studios Fulham. Walking The Dog, I Will Be There, One Hundred Ways, Forever & Always and Non Stop Dancing . A bootleg LP and mp3s exist of these recording.


2nd March 1975

The Jam audition at Workings Working Men's Club or Terry Slater from EMI Records. Nothing comes from the audition.

8th March 1975

The Jam are willing to play at any paid gig and perform at a wedding reception at The Bison Club in Hounslow.

14th March 1975

The relationship between Weller & Brookes is stretched as more Stax style songs are added to their live set. Mustang Sally, Land Of 1000 Dancers, Knock On Wood, & Sweet Soul Music. PW is shaping the group and taking control.

31st March 1975

The band perform at another private party at The Queens Hotel.

21st April

The Jam perform at Chelsea  FC Social Club,  John Weller,  was friends with their Physio and Trainer.

Rumours have it the band were earning an average of £30 per gig but this one was believed to be a well paid gig. 

6th July 1975

After a gig at The Greyhound Steve Brookes quits the group as he isn't happy with the new musical direction Weller is steering the band in.  


9th July 1975

The Jam advertise in the music press for a lead guitarist to replace Steve Brookes....  (although they decided to stay as a 3 piece).


12th August 1975

The Jam audition for Opportunity Knocks at The Town Hall in Surbiton. They fail...

October 1975

The Jam Split...  After an argument over the bands finances Bruce & Rick quit and try to form a new group. Meanwhile PW continues to perform under the Jam banner with older musicians.  Several weeks later neither party are happy and after few phone calls from John Weller the band are re united.


10th December 1975

The Jam record At Bob Potters studio in Mytchett. Uptight, Takin My Love, Left Right And Center, Again,  When I Needed you, Please Don't Treat Me Bad. A bootleg LP & mp3s exist of these recordings.


26th December 1975

The Band play a Boxing Day gig at the Hare and Hill Club in Ottershaw, Woking


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