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6th January 1982

The band book into Air Studios London . The Gift Session. 

They record Running On The Spot & Just Who Is The Five O Clock Hero.


8th January 1982

Back in Air Studios - Carnation is recorded.


11th January 1982

The Gift is recorded at Air Studios.


12th January 1982

The Planners Dream goes Wrong is recorded at Air Studios.


14th January 1982

Twink takes the now famous Running on the Spot photographs for The Gift album,
on the roof of Air Studios, London.


29th January 1982

Release of The Jams  14th Single - A Town Called Malice / Precious  It enter the UK Charts at No_1.  The version of Tales From The River Bank that was recorded for The Gift was released on a fan club Flexi Disc.  I Feel Good & Trans Global Express are recorded At Air Studio.


5th February 1982

This Flame and Pity Poor Alfie are demoed at Air Studios London.


18th February 1982 

The Jam appear on Top Of The Pops. They perform A Town Called Malice & Precious watch here.

24th February 1982

London Polytechnic

An impromptu performance at this benefit concert for Right To Work. The Jam open the show and play just 6 songs, Eton Rifles is introduced , This one is for the privileged. Entranced was gained by a small charge of 50p on production of your UB40 card.


25th February 1982

The band book in to Maison Roughe studios Fulham. They record The Great Depression.

27th February 1982

The Jam are interview on BBC radio about The Gift Album. 


6th March 1982

The Jam play at John & Ann Weller's Silver wedding anniversary.


12th March 1982

The Guildhall Portsmouth - The Jam kick off their most ambitious tour at Portsmouth after three full days of rehearsals at Brixton Astoria promoting The Gift album that was also released today (It reaches No_1 in the UK Charts). The tour is labeled THE TRANSGLOBAL EXPRESS and ran for a grueling four months taking in Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA.

8th April 1982

The Apollo Glasgow. The UK leg of the tour was to end here with Polydor recording the show. Four songs made it onto Dig The New Breed.

16th April 1982

European Trans Global Express Tour. 11 Dates

Stockholm, Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark (cancelled) Amsterdam, Holland,
Belgium, Paris, Lyon,

19th April 1982

The band perform on Danish TV Programme Spil Op watch here

21st April 1982

Vejlby-Risskov Hall,Denmark

The Jan did not play this show as it was cancelled in the morning. Rumor has it the band cancelled it themslefs due to poor ticket sales.

26th April 1982 

De Vereniging - Nijmegen

This performance was recorded for Dutch radio which broadcast 12 songs (full show available on bootleg cd) The band stayed in The Okura Hotel Amsterdam before driving to Belgium .

27th April 1982

Ancienne Belguique, Belgium

English fans traveled to Belgium on Jam approved coaches and were pleased to be reassured that there had been on sight of any trouble so far on the tour. The gig went well but after the show in the streets the fans were ambushed by local youths and it took a police charge to restore order. Reports state around 100 fans got caught in the ambush.


29th April 1982

Pantin Hippodrome - Paris.

This date was originally scheduled for the Pavillion Baltard but was switched after a fire at the venue.
French and English fans clashed after the gig.

30th April 1982

 Palais D'Hiver - Lyon France

Final night of the European leg of the tour. A good quality recording  of this show captures Weller thrashing his way through the set with little care.

11th May 1982

The band fly to Washington for the USA/Canadian leg of the tour taking in 17 dates in Washington, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Michigan, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and  Vancouver.

14th May 1982

Maryland University - Washington

1st date of the tour & a revived band storm through a 24 song set before traveling 240 miles overnight to New York for the next show. The band opted to travel by road for the American dates.

18th May 1982

The Palladium New Yourk

This was the second appearance at the Palladium having been added due to public demand for tickets.

Each band member was interviewed for WNYU, WFDU and WDHC college radio stations.

19th May 1982

The Trenton War Memorial - New Jersey
The band were interviewed for WPRB and WTSR radio stations in the afternoon before their performance and the gig was recorded by Wavebreaker Productions for transition to 60+ College radio stations.


20th May 1982

The Orpheum Theatre - Massachusetts Boston

Following this performance the band stopped overnight with plans to see U2 the following evening but Paul & Bruce visit The Underground club and join members of a local band Boys Life and enjoy and an impromptu Jam session at the club.

22nd May 1982

Verdune Auditorium - Montreal Canada

The Trans Global Express rolls into Canada and preparations for this evenings show are discussed in an interview with Martin Siborek of CFMB radio at the four seassons hotel where band and crew stopped the the follwoing four nights. The band are also interviewed by CKCU, CHOM, CFNY radio and New Music TV SHow.


24th May 1982

National Exhibition Centre Fairground - Toronto

A Firework display entertained the earliest arrivals for the concert as part of Victoria Day celebrations. Unfortunately the fireworks were to the the highlight of the evening as the Jam fell victims to terrible acoustics in the large barn arena.

25th May 1982

Back over to USA to Michigan Theatre - Ann Arbor Michigan.

More radio interviews interrupting PW's birthday celebrations at the Sheraton Hotel.

26th May 1982

The Riveria Theater Chicago

A performance here and not at The Chicage Ballroom as originally planned. More interviews  with WNUR uni radio station.

29th May1982

Perkins Palace - LA California

An indication that things were beginning to happen for the band in the USA was illustrated by the chaotic scenes that accompanied an album signing session at Tower Records. Fans queued around two blocks and the scheduled 2 hour slot turned into 4 hours. The band also found time to visit KROQ, a major radio station as well as taping interviews for KXLU and CMJ stations.


5th June 982

Kerrisdale Arena Vancouver Canada

Back into Canada for the last gig of the tour before it snakes east into Japan. The promoters of this gig were in no doubt about the importance of their headline act and grandly billed them as Englands No_1 Rock And Roll Band.

11th June 1982

Just Who Is The Five O Clock Hero / The Great Depression is released in Holland. It reaches No_8 in the UK Charts on import sales alone.

The Transglobal Express Tour enters its final week and its 3rd continent with The Jam performing five concerts in Tokya, Osako and Nagoya. The reception the band received in this country always amazed and inspired them to deliver their most accomplished performances of the tour.

26th June 1982

Rangers Stadium - Loftus Road London

The Jam were due to perform a charity concert in aid of NO NUKES, how ever the local authority strongly objected to the concert despite backing from local residents. The gig was re arranged for 10th July.

July 1982

PW returns from holiday in Italy & informs Bruce & Rick he is quitting The Jam.


10th July 1982

The rescheduled outdoor gig at Queens Park Rangers for NO NUKES is cancelled.


16th July 1982

The band book into Air studios. Various versions of The Bitterest Pill Are Recorded.

25th - 26th July

The band return to Air Studio. They record Pity Poor Alife & Fever.

August 1982

The filming of The Bitterest Pill and tensions are high on the set. It was reported Bruce had stormed off  and a stand in had to be used. 

Early Jam member Dave Waller died in August and this also contributed to the sour atmosphere within the Jam camp. For those in the know it was looking like a scrappy end to Britain's best loved band.


10th September 1982

The Jams 15th Single The Bitterest Pill / Pity Poor Alfie /Fever is released.

reaches No_2 in the UK Charts.


13th September

The Jam book into Phonogram Studios.

They record A Solid Band In Your Heart. This was supposed to be the final single.

15th to 18th September

The Astoria Brixton.

The band spend the next 4 days rehearsing for the Solid Bond In Your Heart Tour . 11 dates in  Shepton Mallet, Brighton, Leicester, Liverpool, Ingleston, Whitley Bay, Leeds and Stafford.

20th September 1982

Cliffs Pavilion  Southend Essex

The band play an un-publicized gig which was their only performance is the seaside town.

21st September 1982

Show Pavilion - Shepton Mallet

The Solid Bond tour officially kicks off. The band perform to an enthusiastic capacity crowd who have no idea of the turmoil each band member are going through. Each night on the tour they play a nostalgic set of old favorites.

9th October 1982

Gloucester Hall, Fort Regent - Jersey

The Jam had included the Channel Islands on this tour following a petition that had been received by the bands fan club. As well as this date they played in Gurnsey, Paris, Strasbourg and Amsterdam.

The rest of the European leg of the tour was cancelled as PW had a severe bout of Shingles. This and other factors helped begin a series of rumors that the band were about to split.

The announcement was due to be made on the 5th of November when the band were to play live on Channel four's new music program The Tube. 

15th /19th October 1982

The band book into Phonogram Studios London They record Beat Surrender & Shopping.


Unknown Date in October they record

Move On Up, War & Stoned Out Of My Mind were recorded at Marcus Studios.


30th October

News of the spilt is leaked to the press. PW is forced to release a statement.


5th November

The Jam perform their final TV appearance on Channel 4's The Tube part show here

24th November

The Jam record their final TOTP appearance Beat Surrender. 


25th November

The final BEAT SURRENDER tour commences at The Apollo in Glasgow with a standing ovation from the crowd even before the band played a note. The Jam literately raised the roof with a storming performance that was replicated each night until they rolled into Brighton for their final concert. During the next 17 days the band performed 14 concerts including five consecutive nights at Wembley Arena and every date was captured on audience recordings.

26th November

The Jams 16th and Final single is released. A double pack 7"

Beat Surrender / Shopping, Move On Up / Stoned Out Of My Mind / War

It entered the UL Charts at No_1

27th November

Poole Arts Centre

Following Glasgow Rick and Bruce flew to Heathrow while Paul traveled alone by Train.

28th November1982

St Austell Coliseum - St Austell Cornwall

29th November 1982

Afan Lido _ Port Talbot 

1st to 5th December 1982

Five nights at Wembley Arena.

Originally scheduled for just two the other three were added due to public demand.

6th December 1982

The Royal Spa - Bridlington

7th December 1982

The Apollo - Manchester

8th December 1982

Bingley Hall - Birmingham

9th December 1982

Civic Centre - Guildford  (Penned as the final show)

Proceeds from this gig were donated to charity and Radio One DJ and Jam fan Mike Reed presented the band with a cheque on stage.

10th December

The Jams 7th album was releases. Dig The New Breed. (a live compilation)

It reached No_2 in the UK Charts.


11th December

The Jam play their final gig at Brighton Conference Centre. Its an over crowed edgy affair.

With the atmosphere in the hall literally on fire, some bloke came on to introduce the band: ‘For the last time, the only band to leave a solid bond in your heart- The Jam!!!!!!!!! 

The group came on to the loudest roar imaginable, Weller resplendent in a red polka dot button down and tonic strides; Bruce and Rick in their familiar stage gear. Kicking off with ‘Start’ The Jam were obviously out to finish on the highest possible note. Paul initially was so highly charged he managed to break three strings in as many songs. Paul and Bruce kept up their wall of silence with each other, although there was one touching moment when during ‘It’s Too Bad’ Bruce’s mike temporally conked out, leaving him to join Paul on his mike for the last part of the song. Paul getting more and more frustrated – first with the lights, and then even more so as guitar string after guitar string kept snapping. During ‘Tube Station’ he actually walked off stage mid-song to retrieve another guitar. Towards the end of the gig during ‘Town Called Malice’, some one threw a glass bottle on stage, narrowly missing Bruce, but exploding all over Rick’s drum kit. Understandably the group walked off. A few minutes later they sombrely returned. Bruce Foxton addressed the crowd sounding upset ‘I wanna remember this gig for the good things, not the fucking bottles!’ Paul, by this point seemed detached from everything, saying little or nothing between numbers. A couple of songs later (a lamentable rendition of ‘In the City’; an unforgivable version of ‘Going Underground’) the band performed their very last number, an overlong and fragmented rendition of ‘The Gift’. They then left the stage and the house lights went up – although most present had to double back as Paul, Bruce and Rick came back on for a final goodbye. I distinctly remember Paul hanging back by the drum kit as Bruce gave a ‘Thank you very much’ speech, and then darting off the stage very, very quickly. And that, as they say, was that.

19th December

The Jams final appointment was to attend their last Christmas party where they were presented with the customary gifts by Polydor Executives. The boys spent most of the night with their own groups of friends and family.

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