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16th January 1980

The Jam book into Townhouse Studios London to record two tracks.

Going Underground & The Dreams Of Children.


25th January 1980

The Riot Stories publishing company was launched today by John & Paul Weller.

Riot Stories was a creative outlet for young writers.

11th February 1979

The Corn Exchange Cambridge 
The first of four  unpublished warm up shows to rehearse and fine tune their performance before heading off on another American trip.

15th February 1980

Woking YMCA

Just a week before the band fly to the U.S they perform for free to help raise funds for Woking YMCA. They play through disco equipment rather than a full PA. 

22nd February 1980

The Jam arrive in the USA for their 4th tour of America & Canada.

New Jersey, West Hartford, New York, Rochester, Albany, Detroit, Chicago,
Minnesota, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angles, Houston (cancelled) Austin, 
New Jersey 2nd date cancelled.

27th February 1980

Emerald City - New Jersey

The opening night of  The Setting Sons tour

29th February 1980

The New York Palladium - The Butterfly Collector bootleg album.

There was a bust up with some U.S Polydor Execs after they had announced Heatwave would be the bands next U.S single without consulting the band.

5th March 1980

Motor City Roller Rink - Detroit - Support for this show was The Beat.

6th March 1980

Park West Chicago - The show was broadcast on WXRT Radio

7th March 1980 

The Jam are interviewed on AM Chicago Channel 7 

watch interview here

7th March 1980

Old Chicago Amusement Park - A favorite haunt of Al Capone. The band perform a special 2 hour show, with support from The Beat & The Professionals.


9th March 1980

St Paul Civic Theater Minnesota. Stax legends Sam & Dave open the show.


14th March 1980

The release of The Jams 10th single, Going Underground / Dreams Of Children
It went straight to No_1 in the UK Charts.

16th March 1980 

The band appear for TV on American Bandstand in Los Angeles. They are interviewed and perform Heatwave & Strange Town  

16th March 1980 

Santa Monica Civic - California . The Jam learn that Going Underground has enterd the charts at No_1 and the post party gig at The Hollywood Sunset Marquee hotel was something of a celebration.

17th March 1980

The Jam get banned from The Sunset Marquee hotel.

22nd March 1980

Armadillo Works - Austin Texas - The last gig on the U.S tour as they cut the remainder to go back to England to celebrate and record Top Of The Pops. 

27th March 1980

The band appear on Top Of The Pops to perform Going Underground.

7th April 1980

The Rainbow London.  Two shows to celibate the Rainbows 50th Anniversary but more importantly

a more personalized opportunity to thank the fans for their No_1 Single. The atmosphere was simlar to 1966 when England had won the world cup. Mick Talbot of The Merton Parkas also play keyboards on Eton Rifles.  


8th April 1980

The Rainbow London. An identical set to the first night but the encore included Reach Out I'll Be There by The Four Tops. Mick Talbot played again on Eton Rifles.

11th April 1980

The band book into Polydor Studios London to record demos for the next album. There are 2 Beatles songs & 2 unknown titles written by Bruce, That's Entertainment, And Your Bird Can Sing, Rain, Liza Radley, But I'm Different Now, Bruce Demo 1, Bruce Demo 2.

18th April 1980

The Civic Guildford. A low key gig with all the proceeds going to Sheerwater Youth Club.

23rd April 1980

Sessions for The Jams 5th studio Sound Affects begin at Townhouse Studios.

Liza radley was recorded. This was used as the B -Side for Start.

30th April 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. A demo of  Dream Time is recorded.

May 1980

All the singles to date are re-released with picture covers.


24th May 1980

It is announced that The Jam have tied The Beatles' record for the number of songs in the top 50 of the UK charts


26th May 1980 

The band perform at The Pink Pop Festival in Holland. The gig was recorded for Dutch Radio and was also captured on film. Weller was fired up full off aggression thrashing his guitar and spitting the lyrics. The show was temporally interrupted by someone  dancing on the stage,  Weller quipped Fuckin Pouser before continuing to punish his guitar .. Watch Going Underground.

27th May 1980 

The band fly to Rome to record a TV appearance.

2nd June 1980 

Wolverhampton Civic Hall. The first of three gigs that were not advertised in the music press.

Some further live rehearsal time before they head off to Japan in July.

10th June 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studio. A demo of Pretty Green is recorded


15th June 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. The album version of Pretty Green is recorded.


16th June 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. The album version of Dream Time is recorded.


17th June 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. The album version of But I'm Different Now are recorded.


18th June 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. 2 takes of Pretty Green, Two takes of  Boy About Town, Two takes of Dream Time, Jungle Chant & Start are recorded.


19th June 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. Start is recorded.

21st June 1980

Loch Lomand Festival. A shocking date for the band. Headlining the first day of the two day festival.  Also on the line up are Stiff Little Fingers, Bad Manner, The Chords. With an audience mix of Punks, Mods & Skins, this ensured there was plenty of fights throughout the day and the violence  intensified into the night. As The Jam took to the stage bottles were thrown , Weller unsuccessfully asked for the stupidity to end and it required a police charge to restore order. 40+ arrests and 30+ people taken to hospital. 


24th June 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. Dreamtime & Boy About Town are recorded.

28th June 1980

The band fly out to Japan to prepare for a 6 date mini tour. Unsure of what reception awaited them they were delighted and astonished to the reaction of the Japanese fans in Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo,

3rd  Mainichi Hall Osaka,  4th Kaiken Hall Kyoto , 6th Nakono Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo , 7th Nihon Seinenkan Tokyo, 8th  Nihon Seinenkan Tokyo.

3rd July 1980

Mainichi Hall Osaka First of the six gigs.

5th July 1980

New Otani Hotel - The band do TV, Radio & press interviews

11th July 1980  

ABC TV Los Angeles. As they were already more than half way to the USA The Jam flew from Tokyo to Los Angles to perform live for a TV broadcast on the Friday Show. This almost didnt happen as Rick & Bruce came to druken blows on the flight over but after a full nights sleep everythig had been forgotton and the show went ahead. 


17th July 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. The album version of But I'm Different Now is recorded.


19th July 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. The album version of Start is recorded.


20th July 1980 

Promo videos for Start & Dreamtime are recorded.   Watch Dreamtime promo

22nd July 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. The Album version of Monday is recorded

22nd July 1980

Guildford Civic Hall - A secret gig to raise money for Sheerwater Youth Club

31st July 1980

Rehearsal for The Sound Effects Tour are recorded. Pretty Green, Monday, Boy About Town, Start, Going Underground, Dreamtime & Monday are recorded. 

1st August 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. Paul's Demo, Bruce's Demo & Ricks Demo are recorded.

1st August 1980

Friars Aylsbury. The first of two low key dates to try out the new material. Problems with the PA angered Weller who smashed his guitar during Eton Rifles.


3rd August 1980

Poole Art Centre - the second low key date.

7th August 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. Two unknown demos are recorded.

9th August 1980

The band perform at The Turku Rock Festival. A lukewarm reaction from the audience consequently resulted in the band giving their usual all.  

11th August 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios.Three more Unknown demos are recorded. (1 acoustic)

14th August 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. Another Unknown demo is recorded.


15th August 1980

The release of The Jams 11th, Single Start / Liza Radley. It enters the Uk Charts at no_ 3 but reaches no_1 the following week.


18th August 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. More Unknown demos are recorded.

27th August 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. Music For The Last Couple, Dingbat, But I'm Different Now, Boy About Town, Paper Cup & another unknown Demo are recorded.


1st September 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. Boy About Town is recorded.


8th September 1980

The band book into Polydor Studios London. Dead End Street, Boy About Town, Dreamtime, Set The House Ablaze,  Sweeney, Scrape Away & Waterloo Sunset are recorded.


September - dates unknown

The band record more songs at Polydor studios. No One In The World, Pop Art Poem, Boy About Town, Go Native, Ive Got My Mojo Working, You Dont Love Me, Loop, Scrape Away & Dreamtime.

30 September 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. The Album version of Scrape Away is recorded.


2nd, 6th, 22nd October 1980

Sessions continue for Sound Affects  at Townhouse Studios. Set The House Ablaze, Man In The Corner Shop, That's Entertainment

18th October 1980

Bromley Technical College - A low key charity gig to help raise funds for Save The Children.

26th October 1980

Top Rank Sheffield. The start of their sixth major UK tour planning to play 22 dates over 25 nights and timed to end just as the release of Sound Affects but infact  it continued for a further three weeks visiting 11 European cities and also added 5 UK dates taking the tour to the end of December.


27th October 1980

Newcastle City Hall. The first of five known recordings by Polydor from the Sound Affects tour. During the set the PA failed and left the band without vocals or drums, during repairs the band cracked on and played and instrumental version of In The City while the crowd sung every word, they attempted to play Away From The Numbers & All Around The World but gave up.

Once the repairs were completed the set continued with a rowsing version of Going Underground.

28th October 1980

Newcastle City Hall. This gig was filmed for Tyne Tees TV and also broadcast on Independent radio.
View some of the footage

5th November 1980

The Brighton Centre - Brighton. This was supposed to be a day off  but the band agreed to add an extra date as tickets sold out in less than 24hrs for their other gig at the venue.

11th November 1980

PW meets Pete Townshend

19th November 1980

Hammersmith Odeon London. The last night of the first leg of The Sound Affects tour.

22nd November 1980

The Sound Affects European tour begins.. 22 Gothenburg, 24/26, Stockholm, 27, Lund,  29 Holland, 30 Dortmund, 1 Utrecht, 2 Groningen, 3 Antwerp, 6 Jersey,

25th November 1980

The release of The Jams 5th Album Sound Effects is released. It reaches no_2 in the UK Charts.

25th November 1980

Gothenburg Sweden - The opening night of the European leg of the tour

26th November 1980

Gothenburg Sweden - Noted due to the fact PW states "This is the last time you will hear this live" In The City, it wasn't, it was played 17 days later in Oslo.

30th November 1980

Rockpalst Dortmund - Filmed by German TV


The December release of the Flexi Pop magazine is release.

It features a rough demo of Boy About Town where PW plays all the instruments.


7th December 1980

The Jam play a TV Session for the Alright Now TV show.


8 December 1980

Extension of the Sound Affects UK tour 8 St Austell (cancelled) 9 Bristol, 10 Malvern, 11 Guildford, 12 London, 14 Liverpool (cancelled replaced with St Austell)


12th December 1980

The Music Machine  - A Party atmosphere captured on a bootleg recording. In The City was again aired and then band were joined on stage during the encore by Shane MacGowan who helped murder a version of Heatwave.

14th December 1980

St Austall Coliseum - The final night of the tour which was advertised as being in Liverpool

Christmas 1980 

A live version of When Your Young is released on Flexi disc for fan club members.

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