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Along the grove thoughts are tumbling

Along the grove I hear your echo

I feel your presence watching over me now

I feel a prisoner unto my self

and the rest of the world goes screaming by

spitting out of windows and shouting abuse

but I stand alone,I stand alone

must stand alone I stand alone

red face and embarrassed 

pissing myself and shuffling

and 'm tired and lonley

Along the grove the nights get darker

the last birds of summer 

whistle but not in time anymore

and I'm tired and lonely

Along the grove I make decisions

I'll end it all go out with a bang

and see if I care

Because  I  know 

for love means nothing compared to war

the tax mans a bastard for taking it all

tough guide to weeklys compared to pay

for true love I'll share our emotion away

this gripping feeling Im feeling inside

scares me to death to think I'm alive 

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