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  1. The Dreams Of Children

  2. Tales From The River Bank

  3. Liza Radley

  4. Move On Up

  5. Shopping

  6. Smithers-Jones

  7. Pop Art Poem

  8. Boy About Town

  9. A Solid Bond In Your Heart

  10. No One In The World

  11. And Your Bird Can Sing

  12. Burning Sky

  13. Thick As Theives

  14. Disguises

  15. Get Yourself Together

  16. The Butterfly Collector

  17. The Great Depression

  18. Stoned Out Of My Mind

  19. Pity Poor Alfie/Fever

  20. But I'm Diffrent Now

  21. I Got You (I Feel Good)

  22. Hey Mister

  23. Saturday's Kid

  24. We've Only Started

  25. So Sad About Us

  26. The Eton Rifles


Extras offers 26 B-sides, rarities and unreleased tracks that, while far from complete (the wonderful "See Saw" is absent, for instance), is a fan's dream come true. This is a fans' album, to be sure, but for fans, the never-before-heard demos (like "Burning Sky" and "Thick As Thieves") have a certain spine-tingling effect, and the covers (like "So Sad About Us," "And Your Bird Can Sing," and "Disguises") are undeniably fun -- often more so than the covers they chose to include on the proper albums. Extras is not a good introduction, to be sure, but for the converted, this is essential.


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